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Computing mission statement

Our intent at Kingfisher is to ensure that Children will have the opportunity to use and tinker with computing resources in cross-curricular lessons and create a program, presentation, website or video to show an audience every year. We want children will know, what an algorithm is, how to create a computer program, how to debug and predict what will happen with a program, how to use technology to manipulate data, how to use technology safely and the risks of being online and how to use social media



Each term we plan full coverage of the curriculum using the ‘Rising Stars’ scheme. Units are structured across the term as roughly one lesson per week, however class teachers have flexibility to ‘block’ groups of lessons if appropriate,

We have used our chosen scheme to carefully map learning so that children have secure and detailed knowledge of all aspects of computing across a two year rolling programme. Links are made across units to embed learning, as well as links across subject areas to support children to apply their learning.

In EYFS, children are given opportunities to practice the skills taught in their computing lessons as part of their continuous provision.

Additional Activities

Technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives. We make sure that children are taught about how to use technology safely. Alongside regular reminders, we participate in ‘Safer Internet Day’ each year - usually using suggested activities from CEOP.

Computing progression of skills

Switched On Computing Progression Grid

Discovery Education Coding Level Progression Block

Please see below for our current curriculum map:

Kingfisher Computing Curriculum

Gillingham CofE Primary Academy

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